Stylish Boho Outfits

What is Boho?

Boho style is a style made famous in the 1960’s and again in the early 2000’s when women such as Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Moss wore this style. It is a style of clothing that mixes a hippie influence with various bohemian styles. It is a mix of styles that all go together to make stunning outfits that can fit every lifestyle.

If you want a boho style wardrobe, there are some items that you must have. If you have these items in your closet you can be the most stylish boho style in town. There are many different places that you can buy these items. One such place is Aura the Label, and you can find many of these items there. They are a high-end fashion company that helps you dress in style.

What is Boho

Maxi or Midi Skirt

To be the height of boho style you will need at least one maxi or midi skirt for your wardrobe. You need one that is not too poofy and has a simple pattern so that you can mix and match with other items in your wardrobe. The more simple the skirt, the more items you can pair it with. You can find one of these skirts for as little as around twenty dollars. At Aura, you can get a high-end maxi skirt for as little as one hundred thirty dollars.

Ankle Boots

You will also need a neutral-colored pair of ankle boots to go with your skirts. You can get these in a variety of styles, and you can find colors to match any outfit. Find a pair that is comfortable to wear so that you can wear them with any outfit. As with the skirts, the more neutral the pattern the more outfits you can wear these boots with. You can find a good pair of ankle boots for around thirty dollars.

You can do some research to see what type of ankle boots best fit your style. There are some hints at this site that can help you. The right style of boot will help you to feel at ease in your style.

Head Wraps and Headbands

To top off your boho look you will need a beautiful head wrap or headband to go with your outfit. You can find head wraps and headbands in many different styles to match any outfit. The bolder that you can find, the better, and if you choose to do a flower headband you will be at the height of boho fashion. You can find these head wraps or headbands at a variety of places starting at around fifteen dollars.

Leather Sandals

You must have a pair of leather sandals to wear when it is too warm to wear your ankle boots. They will make you look very fashionable and summery when you wear these sandals with your maxi skirt. You will want to find a pair that are easy to slip on and off to be even more comfortable. You can find a beautiful pair of leather sandals for around forty dollars.

Leather Sandals

Slouchy Cardigans and Sweaters

If you can find a knit cardigan or sweater to wear over your top, you will have the fashion accessory you need to dress boho style. For the boho flair, you want the lacy-knit, or one with fringes, or the slouchy look. You can find these cardigans and sweaters just about anywhere and they are not that expensive. They go for around thirty dollars at some retailers.


If you are not going to wear the head wrap or headband, you need to find a wide-brimmed hat or fedora to complete your look. It is best if you find a straw hat or fedora for a more authentic look. A hat with a wide ribbon will also look more authentic. Felt hats are also good, but mostly for that winter look to keep you warmer. A nice wide-brimmed straw hat will help keep you cool in the wintertime. You can find the right hat for your look for around thirty dollars.

Crop Tops or Tanks

You can wear a crop top or tank by itself or as one of many layers along with your skirts and cardigans. Crop tops are very popular if you are comfortable showing your belly, but tanks and camis are just as popular if you want to cover your belly. There are some of these styles that are crocheted, and they make wonderful accessories to your boho outfit. If you want more information about the boho style you can look here: You can find the crop tops for around thirty dollars and the tanks for around forty dollars.

Eclectic Jewelry

You want to layer your jewelry with eclectic styles, they do not have to match. Half the fun is to get necklaces and bracelets that do not match and layer them. You might also want to have layered ankle bracelets to go along with your sandals. You can find this jewelry at thrift stores to make your boho look even more authentic. You can find jewelry for as low as ten or fifteen dollars, and it can go up to hundreds of dollars.


You will want a cute, fringy vest to go along with your crop top and maxi skirt. Put a wide brimmed hat on along with your jewelry, and you will have the ultimate boho outfit. You can find vests in a wide variety of materials including denim and leather. As long as it has some sort of fringe on it, you are good to go. You can find a cute leather, fringy vest for as little as twenty dollars at some retailers.

By pairing some of these items up, you will have the perfect boho look.