What is miracle fruit that turns sour food sweet?

What is the miracle fruit that turns sour food sweet

If we have a trip down in a girl’s memory lane, we will, without a doubt, have a fantasy-filled journey. Fairy godmother shows up, and ragged Cinderella suddenly finds herself party-ready in a dashing gown and glass shoes. Poor Rapunzel is locked in a high tower because Gothel needs her long golden … Read more

Which country is the world’s largest producer of bananas?

Which country is the worlds largest producer of bananas

Among the most common and loved fruits on the table, bananas perhaps are on the top list of the most consumed fruit. About 96 percent of American households buy bananas at least once a month, and 51 percent of them are eaten during breakfast. Banana has a scientific name Musa sapientum, which means … Read more

Which is the least nutritious fruit?

Which is the least nutritious fruit

Cucumber! Yes, cucumber is a fruit – and that too, not a very nutritious one. If you also thought replacing your heavy, hearty lunch with cucumber was benefiting you in any sense other than just feeding you with water content, you are not alone.  Botanists term a fruit as the part of … Read more