What are stem cells? What are their uses?

What are stem cells What are their uses

The human body, just like all living things, is made up of billions of components. Each year, more and more discoveries are made concerning the field of biology. Microbiology, the branch of science that deals with the study of microscopic organisms, is a vast subject and has been studied for at least … Read more

What is bionic technology or bionics?

What is bionic technology or bionics?

Bionic technology, or simply bionics, is one of the newest branches of science and a wonderful amalgam of electronics, robotics, and human psychology. It is so modern that even the recent editions of the leading dictionaries explain the meaning of the word ‘bionic’ as a fictional character having artificial body parts and … Read more

What is chloroform? Why does it send a person to sleep?

What is chloroform

You might have commonly heard the word “chloroform” associated with people fainting or police investigations. In cinemas, we sometimes see an unfortunate victim forced to smell a cloth moistened by chloroform, leading the victim to fall unconscious suddenly. So, is it advisable to avoid smelling or touching chloroform? Is there any truth … Read more

Why some diseases are infectious while others are not?

Why some diseases are infectious while others are not

A disease is any condition or illness that deters the body from functioning the way it usually should. Not all diseases are similar, though. That is why various types of medical specialists handle every kind of disease. But, one of the general classifications of illnesses is whether they are infectious or non-infectious. … Read more