Why Do You Feel Cold When You Have a Fever?

sick woman

Anyone who has ever caught the flu probably knows that fever is uncomfortable because your body feels hot; it is uncomfortable because you feel like it’s freezing cold in your room, even if you’re wrapped in your blanket and wearing pajamas and socks. When you have a fever, you’re shivering, you feel … Read more

What Is the Composition of a Medical Capsule?

A 3D cartoon presentation of capsule composition

A solid form of dosage enclosed in a hard or soft soluble container is known as a capsule. A capsule a dosage form in medication is used in our day-to-day health management. There are a variety of capsules available for health management. They are made up of gelatin, which is a hard … Read more

What would happen if air bubbles from a syringe are not removed?

What would happen if air bubbles from a syringe are not removed

The main risk with leaving air bubbles in a syringe is inaccurate dosing. With the syringe partly filled with air, the amount of liquid that is contained within the tube won’t be accurate to the markings found on the syringe since the air bubbles can occupy some space inside. Getting a little … Read more

How does breathing into a paper bag help hyperventilation?

How does breathing into a paper bag help hyperventilation?

In common man terms, hyperventilation is defined as a condition in which a person breathes very fast. But in terms of the medical language, it is the state in which the rate of alveolar ventilation of carbon dioxide is greater than the body’s normal production rate of the gas. It is a … Read more

What is the history behind the invention of hypodermic syringe?

What is the history behind the invention of hypodermic syringe

Even the mentally strong people can be scared when the words “syringe” and “injection” are mentioned to them. Over the years, most people have developed an uncharacteristic fear for injection, which would have probably stemmed from the scary appearance of the syringe’s needle as well as the sharp pain that it produces … Read more

What are stem cells? What are their uses?

What are stem cells What are their uses

The human body, just like all living things, is made up of billions of components. Each year, more and more discoveries are made concerning the field of biology. Microbiology, the branch of science that deals with the study of microscopic organisms, is a vast subject and has been studied for at least … Read more

How does an artificial heart work? Who was the first recipient?

How does an artificial heart work Who was the first recipient

The human heart is a vital organ that acts like an engine that keeps everything. It pumps around 2,000 gallons of blood a day, maintaining circulations and oxygen throughout the lungs and body. However, if it’s not taken care of properly, it will deteriorate like an engine, pump less effectively, and break … Read more

What is bionic technology or bionics?

What is bionic technology or bionics?

Bionic technology, or simply bionics, is one of the newest branches of science and a wonderful amalgam of electronics, robotics, and human psychology. It is so modern that even the recent editions of the leading dictionaries explain the meaning of the word ‘bionic’ as a fictional character having artificial body parts and … Read more