Does Astrology Work in Real Life?

A time-lapse of the moon

The debate about whether astrology actually works or not is divided mainly between the scientists and the believers. Most scientists state that astrology does not work, but those who believe in this concept will disagree. However, neither party is really wrong.  Astrology refers to the concept that the alignment of the moons, … Read more

How many stars are there in Our Galaxy – The Milky Way?

How many stars are there in our galaxy, the Milky Way?

Earth resides in the Milky Way. It is a vast galaxy whose part is viewable on Earth during the night as a belt of stars, extending across the clear sky. Thousands of them are visible with the naked eye, and even more, if you use a telescope. But, have you ever wondered … Read more

What kind of a star is called White Dwarf?

What kind of a star is called White Dwarf?

The stars we see in our night sky are not all the same, though they look very similar to our limited view. Some of the stars we see are actually planets, while other points of light might even represent stars that have died long before their light reaches us. Plus, stars themselves … Read more

Does Every Planet Have A Law Of Gravitation?

Does every planet have a law of gravitation?

Newton’sLaw of Universal Gravitation, commonly known as the law of gravity, is one of the fundamentals of science that we learned in school. Whether we are aware of it or not, the law of gravity affects us in many ways. Our life here on Earth is possible because of gravity, and living … Read more