The Ultimate Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit Comparison Guide

When considering upgrading your rig with a quality lift kit, you probably already know that it will allow you to traverse rougher terrain than your standard suspension. It is an essential modification for off-roaders, but that doesn’t mean the choice is easy. You will have decisions to make when looking at Jeep Wrangler lift kits, such as how high you want to lift your Jeep, what brand to buy and what size tires you want to pair with the suspension. When done right, you will dramatically increase off-roading capability while creating a machine that looks formidable.

You will also want to consider your budget, as lift kits can vary by hundreds of dollars depending upon components, shocks and manufacturer. If you are a crack mechanic you can save some money by installing the system yourself, just be sure to calibrate the vehicle’s wheels and tires, drivetrain and suspension. Professional installation will cost some money, but it will likely save time as well as eliminate the possibility of collateral damage.

A Look at Your Options

Many trusted manufacturers offer lift kits for Jeep Wranglers. You can look at systems by Rubicon Express, Rough Country, Daystar, Energy Suspension, Skyjacker and several other companies. You can lift your vehicle as little as 1 inch or as high as 6 inches, but remember the higher the lift the more adjustments you will need to make. Here is a sampling of quality lift kits to consider:

  • Rubicon Express 2.5″ standard suspension lift kit with twin tube shocks
  • Mopar 2″ lift kit with front 1310 double Cardin driveshaft and FOX racing shocks
  • Rough Country 4″ suspension lift kit with premium N3 series shocks
  • Teraflex 3″ lift kit with lower flexarms and VSS 9550 shocks

When installing a Jeep WK 4 inch lift by Rough Country you immediately transform your rig into an amazing off-roader by adding ground clearance, articulation and the possibility of bigger tires. At this level, you can still ride on the road, but you will sacrifice a bit of comfort and safety with the increased center of gravity.

A Consideration of the Possibilities

A brand new Rough Country lift kit opens up new realms to explore in your Jeep. With a suspension upgrade, you be able to go over bigger items but you will also increase your safety by maintaining a good contact patch with your tires. This will also ramp up your performance as you crawl up steep inclines that were off-limits to you before the enhanced suspension. The best suspension systems rebound quickly, bringing steering and handling to new levels.

It is also critical to choose wisely when looking at suspension accessories such as shocks and struts, tie rods and drag links, steering stabilizers and sway bars. With the right parts, you can build the ride of your dreams. It’s up to you to decide if your after awesome looks, multi-functional capabilities or a ride dedicated to conquering the backcountry. Now is the time to transform your vehicle by shopping online for the lift kit that suits your lifestyle.