Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Nursing As Course Of Study

Are you still trying to figure out what it is you want to study in University? Have you considered Nursing yet? Here are top reasons why you should consider Nursing.

Before we get started, think about it, are you passionate about helping others — the sick, injured, disabled or less privileged? If so, nursing will be a great career choice and with that cleared let’s dive right into the subject matter

1. Nursing is a job that makes a difference

“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” This quote is famously ascribed to Val Saintsbury.

Beyond giving medicine and treating wounds, nurses care about their patients, they help them improve their loves. Like I earlier stated, nursing offers you the opportunity to positively impact the society at large.

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2. Nursing offers you diverse career opportunities:

A wrong notion about nursing is to believe you can only work in hospitals. However, there is a huge opportunity to work in different places besides hospitals.

As a nurse, you can go into management, academia, health administration, nursing management and leadership, community education and public health amongst many others.

Another option is to go on and do your Master’s or a PhD, dual qualify in different fields of nursing or specialise within an area like cardiac, oncology or stroke palliative care. The opportunities are endless, as long as you’re willing to take them!

3. Nursing is a highly employable degree

According to statistics, more than 95% of those who graduate with a nursing degree secure nursing jobs within 180 days of their graduation. Moreover, as nursing degrees include numerous hospital placements, most excellent students find themselves with a job offer or numerous job offers before they graduate

4. Competitive remuneration

There is an ongoing acute shortage of nurses in the United States. With this shortage, there is job security and attractive remuneration for nurses. The national average salary of nurses in the USA is $77,460. Individuals with advanced degrees earn higher salaries.

In 2016 nurse anesthetists earned an average of $148,650 and nurse practitioners earned an average of $99,240.

5. You’ll be Highly Respected

It is noteworthy that the nursing profession is not only rewarding but also  highly respected in the society. The opinions of nurses are valued and highly sought after in the same way as their colleagues in the surgery and medicine profession.

Furthermore, nurses have the rare opportunity to collaborate with their health care stakeholders such as allied health partners, respiratory colleagues and care partners. They collectively work to improve the patient experience.

6. Nursing school teaches a wide range of interpersonal, technical and clinical skills:

Nursing programs are structured to help students develop interpersonal, clinical and technical skills applicable in their career. This is so because nurses work with various personnel and patients in their day to day jobs. Inclusive of these skills are interpersonal, communication, clinical skills among many others that allow nurses to thrive in the relationships they form with people.

Nursing jobs in the USA.