True Beauty Korea Drama

Korean culture is gaining more popularity in the western world. And people love the exciting Korean TV drama movies, also known as K-dramas. Many K-dramas are being released these days, which has pushed film streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix to diversify their niches. Therefore, those who love these kinds of movies can easily access them.

But what’s the difference between K-Dramas and American TV shows? What makes these movies interesting is the romance factor that has been widely featured in K-dramas. Often, American shows portray love subtly. But Korean movies show how love stems and grows in a couple. So, it creates a fantasy in viewers about depictions of love.

Today, we review a popular K-Drama series known as True Beauty Learn whether it is worth watching from the paragraphs below.

True Beauty Synopsis

True Beauty Synopsis

True beauty is a romance and comedy movie depicting the life of Lim Jugyeong, a high school girl. She’s bullied at school because of her looks. But luckily, her family relocates, and she’s forced to change schools. This gives her a chance to learn how to apply makeup using YouTube.

So, she takes advantage of this new fresh start in the new high school. Soon enough, she becomes famous, with everyone admiring how she looks. But Lim cannot reveal her bare face. Thus, every time while in school, she has to wear makeup.

However, this backfires when Lee Su, who’s seen her without makeup, joins the same school. These two become close and share their deepest secret. Lim also tangles with Han See-Jun, a bad boy in school who starts liking her.

Casting and Acting

One of the best things about this movie is the actors. Each of them does a perfect job and suits their character. If you’ve watched K-dramas before, you may recognize many characters here.

Lim Ju Geyong (Moon Ga-young) does a fantastic job as the main character. She’s been featured in other K-dramas like Find Me in Your Memory and EXO. She brings out the role of the bullied girl so well and how she deals with her insecurities.

Han Seo Jin (Hwang in Yeop) stole the show. He plays the role of a bad boy in a cool and adorable way. He is the second male lead after Lee Soo Ho (Cha Eun Woo), who plays the role of a handsome boy that seems cold but is actually caring.

Kan Soo-Jin’s role is played by Park-Yoo, an upcoming actress featured in Sky Castle. She starts as a caring friend of Lim but eventually becomes a villain as she starts liking Suho and doesn’t like Lim as she’s with him.


The movie includes great songs that can stick to your mind days after watching an episode. Every time you hear the music, you’ll be reminded of the exciting moments of the show and might be tempted to re-watch your favorite scenes.

What Makes It Unique?

The plot of this movie is a love triangle like the Cinderella story, only that True Beauty is more interesting and puts things into perspective. The film is pretty easy to follow and structured to reduce confusion about the events.

It also includes some aspects of comedy and humor as it has several funny moments. K-dramas have been criticized for trying too hard to incorporate comedy, which is sometimes cringy. But this isn’t the case in this movie. There is a perfect balance between comedy and plotting, making it an interesting show.

Managing Expectations

The movie features a lot of suspense. But this isn’t bad as it keeps you interested. It also emphasizes beauty and the lack of it most of the time. Sometimes, you may find it underwhelming, and the acting may come off as a bit green.