What are the causes of and remedies for pot belly?

If you have excess fat in your stomach, that’s fondly regarded as a ‘pot belly.’ While it may seemingly sound good, you may be searching for ways to get rid of it.

Pot belly fats are fat deposits located in the stomach. They accumulate and make the stomach big like a pot. Often, they are also known as beer belly, spare tire, or clinically as abdominal obesity. While it commonly affects men, women may develop it, too. You might be excited to take steps to remove belly fat. However, it is essential to learn the causes before taking any actions.

Pot belly fat isn’t called a beer belly for anything. Excess fat can accumulate on the stomach due to excessive drinking of alcohol on a regular basis. Beer isn’t only the suspect, though. All other types of alcohol, except for wine, contains empty calories that build up in the stomach area.

Eating many bad carbohydrates can also be the culprit. Biscuits, donuts, ice creams, and cakes all possess bad carbohydrates, meaning they are calorie-dense but have little nutritional value. If you consume too many bad carbs, your insulin level will increase, metabolism will slow down, and all the extra sugar will accumulate as belly fat.

Stress can also contribute to the development of belly fat. When you’re stressed, your body suffers from the negative impacts, and shifts to survival mode. To ensure that it will thrive, it will store more fat so it won’t starve if no food is consumed. Thus, creating belly fat.

Having a sedentary lifestyle is one way of getting pot belly fat. When you fail to exercise regularly, or never work out at all, you’re unable to burn the extra calories, which are then stored as belly fat. Not only that as your chances of getting other serious health conditions rises if you’re not moving at all.

Now that you know the causes, you might probably have thought that preventing them from developing in the first place is the easiest way to manage belly fat. But, if you already have one, there are lots of practical ways to handle it.

The first thing you could do is avoid excessive drinking. We understand that cutting the habit seems like an infeasible task. If you’re having a hard time, lessening the amount for each session can help you get out of the practice. Or else, you can try other options, such as light beers or wine, but still limiting the amounts you consume.

Next is eating right, which means consuming fewer calories than what you can burn. Generally, this is the most essential step towards removing that pot belly. However, it means reducing calorie intake, such as cutting on sweets, eating smaller proportions, and refraining from fatty dairy and meat products.

Lastly, burn those calories away. Maintain a physically active lifestyle, which includes regular exercises, such as brisk walking, running, and aerobics. Remember that a regular exercise will turn out better if you also eat right. Consume lower-calorie foods but rich in nutrients, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish and poultry products.

These steps may require some hard work and patience, but cutting belly fat is vital for your overall health and well-being. It undoubtedly pays the effort to remove that adoring yet healthy-risky pot belly.

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