What Are The Highest Waterfalls In The World?

Several tallest waterfalls in the world are not very well-known. It is not because they are not captivating, but because of their rugged, remote locations. However, a few of these giant waterfalls were discovered. But there may be other waterfalls higher than these. So, do not get surprised when you see a different list in the future.

1. Angel Falls

Angel Falls

As per consensus, Angel Falls is the world’s tallest waterfall with a cumulative height of 3,212 ft. (979 meters). Angel Falls, located in the Canaima National Park, Venezuela, leaps off the Auyan-tepui, an isolated plateau collecting rain at its mysterious, soggy top. The presence of this waterfall is not less than a miracle.

The falls are named after James Crawford Angel, an American adventurer, who accidentally discovered it in 1933. Forming a side stream of the Carrao River, Angel Falls is known by other names as well, such as ParecupaMerú, KerepakupaiMerú,Salto Angel,and Salto ChurúnMerú.

2. Browne Falls

Browne Falls

Located at Fiordland, New Zealand, this long cascade draining Lake Browne is emptying into Doubtful Sound along the path of Fjordland National Park. The trail of the waterfall does not help its visibility. With a height of 619 meters (2,030 feet), Bowne Falls course through a series of frothing, gradual drops before diving into a brushy, deep ravine.

3. Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls

With a total height of 948 meters (3,110 feet), the five-tiered Tugela Falls is located in the Kwazulu Natal region of South Africa. The tallest single drop of Tugela Falls in the five tiers is 411 meters (1,350 feet). The water flow over the falls is thin, except when the rainfall is higher: The cascade has a typical volume of 1.41 cubic meters (50 cubic feet) per second and 15 meters (50 feet) vast.

As compared to several other waterfalls on our list, the Tugela Falls are effortless to access, making them a tourist stop. There are two trails to the Tugela Falls, offering magnificent views; one is a more level 4.3 mile walk through the Royal Natal National Park. The other one is a challenging 6.4 kilometers (4-mile) hike to the top of the mountain.

4. Three Sisters Falls

Located in the remote Ayacucho region of Peru, Three Sister Falls are also known as CatarataslasTres Hermanas. The falls rise an astonishing 914 meters (3,000 feet) and are named for three distinguishing steps or tiers. The top two steps fall into a natural, big catch valley of water, and the third one emerges from the basin and falls into the Cutivireni River. It is impossible to see.

The tropical, lush rainforests surround the Three Sisters Falls; the trees routinely grow up to 100 feet in those rainforests. There are rough trails that lead to the Three Sister Falls, which are only visible from the air. Due to the dense vegetation, it is not possible to view the entire length of the falls.

5. Olo’upena Falls

Olo’upena Falls

Like Pu’uka’oku Falls, the Olo’upena Falls is located on the island’s isolated northeastern shore. At 900 meters (2,953 feet), Olo’upena Falls is a ribbon-thin, tiered stream diving over the Haloku Cliffs, one of the world’s tallest seaside cliffs. Huge mountains surround these magnificent waterfalls. They are so remote that there are no access trails to reach the falls.

Moreover, Olo’upena Falls is accessible by sea or air only. The rainy season is the ideal time to view Olo’upena Falls, typically November through March.

6. Yumbilla Falls

Yumbilla Falls

Recently discovered Yumbilla Falls of South America is located in the remote Amazon region of Cuispes district of Northern Peru. Many officials disputed over the height of the waterfall. However, as per sources, it is slightly shorter at 870 meters (2,854). However, ING (Peru’s National Geographical Institute) claims a height of 895.4 meters (2,937 feet).

The width of the Yumbilla Falls narrows during drier months and increases in rainy seasons. Lush rainforests in remote mountains surround the falls, and they are accessible to adventurous nature lovers.

The Highest Waterfall

The list of the highest and tallest waterfalls in the world is very long since the discoveries keep on adding new names to the list. However, the Angel Falls tops the list as the world’s highest waterfall, making it a must-view spot for adventure lovers and explorers.