Which countries produce the most Cars?

The transportation industry is extremely important to our society. In fact, the decline of the number of vehicles available on the market, which started in 2019, has been difficult everywhere around the world. These days, new car owners have to wait sometimes up to a year before they finally receive the car that they have ordered from a car dealer. But where are these cars produced in the world? Here are the five countries that are on top of this industry sector.

Number Five: India

This can be a surprising entry for many in the western world. That is because India mostly produces vehicles for its own population. And since it is the second largest one in the world, almost reaching the same number of people as in China, it needs to build a lot of them. In 2019, more than 4.5 million cars built in India were placed on the market. In 2020, the construction had slowed down by close than 40 %, due to the same problems that other car manufacturers suffered from, which featured a lack of electronic chips on the market.

Number Four: Germany

That is a country we certainly expected. In fact, most readers probably thought that it would sit in one of the top three positions. With such companies as BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler, it is obvious that the number of cars built in this country will be important, year after year. The country specializes itself in luxury models, with such top of the line vehicles as Mercedes-Benz. In Europe, Germany is the country that attracts the most workers in the car industry. If you are one of them, here is how to go about Shipping furniture to Germany.

Number Three: Japan

Japan is a leader in the world, when it comes to producing cars. Their products represent more than 10% of the overall number of cars that are built every year. In terms of quantity, it represents close to 10 million vehicles per 12 months. Like every other country, this number has been reduced since 2019. In the year 2020, the total came to about 8 million cars only. But they are still locked on the pedestal, even if on its last steps.

Number Two: USA

If you thought America would come first in the standings, you would be wrong by a long margin. Although they are barely ahead of Japan (about 1 million more cars produced per year), they are completely left behind, in comparison to China, who sits at number one. In fact, they don’t even produce half of what the Chinese do. They still own the number two positions, thanks to manufacturers such as the General Motors Company and Ford Motor Company.

Number One: China

China produces just a little below 30% of all the cars and trucks that are built in the world. They specialize mostly in personal passenger cars, as it represents 83% of their total production. The most important manufacturer in China is a company called SAIC Motor Corporation. In 2019, it declared having produced 6.2 million vehicles.