Why do healing wounds feel warmer to the touch?

The human body consists of many complex systems. These systems are designed specifically to ensure proper body functions. Whenever a system does not work efficiently, the whole body pays for it. Even if there is a slight malfunction in any body part, the balance is disturbed. As a result, diseases and illnesses are produced.

Fortunately, we have an immune system that works great to defend us against any harmful attack. When there is any disease or malfunction in our body, immune cells detect it and work instantly to restore the normal functions. 

Our immunity works in different ways. From little wounds to heavy injuries, our body can combat nearly everything. It’s like an army of small cells that smartly destroy the foreign enemy. 

Most of the time, we do not realize when this function is happening. But in some instances, we feel certain discomfort whenever our body is healing from the damage. For example, when a wound starts to heal, it gets warm and painful. Many people find it uncomfortable. They assume that it is due to the wound and not their immunity. But this is a natural phenomenon that is essential for proper recovery.

When you’re injured, the wounded area changes its appearance. Mostly, the surrounding skin becomes inflamed and red in color. This is a sign that your body is starting the healing process. Your immune system guides the brain to increase blood flow towards the injured part. This action allows the body to move lots of platelets to the area (to scab it over), lots of white blood cells (to fight infections), and to help repair the area and remove damaged bits.

During this emergency protocol, the temperature of the affected area increases. Due to this, you feel warmer and sometimes hot. Usually, this is completely normal and happens because of the increased flow of blood. But if the warmth continues for too long, it’s a sign that the area could be infected, in which case the body is still pumping white blood cells to that area and keeping up the heat to fight off the infection.

Some signs can help you distinguish between normal warmth and infections. An infected site shows some characteristic features. A few of them include redness, temperature change, pain, and sometimes swelling. If these signs are present, the chances are that your wound is infected. And to treat it, you will need some antibiotics. 

Now that we have learned some facts about wound healing let’s understand why it is so important to have this knowledge. 

Well, first of all, you need to understand what is going on in your body in order to treat it. It is very crucial that you gain knowledge of small procedures like immunity and infections so that you can differentiate between certain symptoms. After all, it is good to know what is happening inside you. When you have the proper information, only then you can work towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.