When and where were playing cards invented?

When and where were playing cards invented

Over the years, playing cards have served as tools of occult practice, magic tricks, amusing pastimes, high-stakes gambles, and mathematical probability models—even, at times, as currency and as a medium for secret messages. The decks of cards reveal the uniqueness of their origins. The colors, emblems, names, and designs have changed based … Read more

Whose idea was it to produce electricity from nuclear energy?

It was in 1934 that a Hungarian-born American scientist named Leo Szilard came up with the basic idea for nuclear power. His concept of creating nuclear power came while he was waiting for the traffic lights to change to green in London, England. During his thought process, he visualized one atom of … Read more

Who brought the idea of a leap year in our calendar, and why?

Who brought the idea of a leap year in our calendar, and why

The leap year is known as a calendar year, which consists of an additional day. This is done to keep the calendar synchronized with the seasonal or astronomical year. Furthermore, the length of the day is corrected by inserting a leap second into the Coordinated Universal Time. However, leap seconds unlike leap … Read more

Who is the inventor of sellotape? (Richard G. Drew)

Who is the inventor of sellotape Richard G. Drew

The name of the inventor of sellotape is Richard G. Drew, who was an American citizen and a chemical engineer by profession. Drew worked as a researcher in the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (now known as 3M after initial letters of the first three words). There, he got considerable experience of … Read more

Who invented stethoscope? How does it work?

Who invented the stethoscope How does it work

A trip to the doctor could be a satisfying experience, whether we are having our regular check-up, treatment for an illness, or under a severe medical condition. Going to the hospital is a way to help us relieve pain and other diseases, as well as to maintain a healthy body.  Every time … Read more

Who Is The Inventor Of Modern Type Mobile Phones? (Martin Cooper)

Who is the inventor of modern type mobile phone Martin Cooper

The advancement of technology is so evident in our modern world that most of these technological devices made our lives a lot easier. The vast possibilities of technology are incredible, wherein various scientists and inventors all around the globe continue to contribute to creating devices to help in our everyday lives. Moreover, … Read more