Who invented the dishwasher?

Who invented the dishwasher

Restaurants are one way for us to fulfill our cravings and satisfy our hunger. With the variety of dishes most of them offer, it is no wonder that restaurants have a lot of customers.  However, knowing the number of customers a restaurant caters every day, we might come to think about one … Read more

What is Swiss Army Knife? Who Invented It?

What is a Swiss Army knife Who invented it

Karl Elsener was a Swiss man of refined taste and fashion. His company manufactured surgical instruments and cutlery in the Alpine country. When Elsener got to know that Switzerland was importing blades from their neighbor Germany, he decided to change things. In 1890’s, Elsener set up a factory at home to create … Read more

Who is known as the father of typewriter?

Who is known as the father of the typewriter

The typewriter was a revolutionary invention that changed the dynamics of the world of letters. We owe the invention of the modern-day typewriter to a multi-faceted genius named Christopher Latham Sholes. Born in 1819 in Milwaukee, USA, Sholes was a publisher, a politician, and a philosopher. He is now known as the … Read more

What is an Ophthalmoscope? Who invented it?

What is an Ophthalmoscope Who invented it

The Ophthalmoscope, also known as Funduscope, is a device that brought an explosive change in the treatment of eye diseases. It is used to find eye diseases such as Glaucoma. Before the device, the physicians had been relying primarily on magnifying glasses to study the eyes. It was more or less unreliable, … Read more

What is the story behind Sony Walkman invention?

What is the story behind Sony Walkman invention

Before MP3 players were introduced in 1998, many people believed that the Sony Walkman would be the staple music player forever and that any other technology in the market would never replace it. With more than 100 million Walkman players sold around the world, the gadget became so iconic in pop culture … Read more

What was the idea behind the invention of pagers?

What was the idea behind the invention of pagers

Pager Pagers bridged the communication gap between the landline phones and cellphones until the evolution of mobile technology. Though vocal conversation was not possible via pagers (see image, left) yet the exchange of messages via text proved it an effective communication tool. The advent of mobile phones, however, wiped away the pagers … Read more